Individual profile

Individual profile

Accreditation dates:

  • 18th January

  • (Virtual)

  • 15th February

  • (London)

  • 28th March

  • (London)

prophet Accreditation

Become accredited in the Senior Team Profiling Solution

prophet accreditation is designed for HR and L&D professionals, Executive coaches and leadership consultants. Those who have experience and skills in using other Level 2 instruments are eligible to be trained to use PROPHET.

Why become accredited in PROPHET?

Becoming accredited in prophet provides you with increased capability to help raise the performance of senior teams and pivotal business relationships. It does this by:

Equipping you with immediate insight into individuals, enabling you to facilitate strategic development conversations.
Developing your skills to deliver credible, engaging prophet team sessions.
Providing you with recommendations and advice on how to help your stakeholders maximise the chance of successfully implementing strategy using PROPHET.

HR Accreditation

prophet accredits HR, L&D and OD professionals for use within their organisations to deliver enhanced value to individuals, relationships and teams. prophet provides accreditation for HR professionals through different formats such as open course days and in-house programmes.

Coach Accreditation

prophet also accredits external advisors and experienced coaches, to support their work with clients. Coach accreditation is run in partnership with Katherine Tulpa, CEO of the Association for Coaching and Wisdom8.

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