Individual profile


Individual Profile

The BPS registered, Individual Profile is used:

For development of key individuals
For on-boarding
For support, as part of wider team building initiatives
As a support aid in coaching
For managers to help in understanding their team members

prophet individual profiles are fast to complete online and entirely business focused, analysing:

Business motivations
Decision-making styles
Typical business behaviours for critical business activities
Ideal business partner



Team Insight Report

This highly valued report illustrates the amalgamated view of the team, providing immediate and valuable business insights into the preferences and potential blind spots of the team.

The group workbook can be used as the foundation for a workshop dealing with:

New teams where trusting relationships haven’t been formed and the team is not yet unified
Intact teams that are working to refocus after a change in objectives
Senior teams that need to move to high performance
Pairs of teams that must come together and work as one
Pairs of organisations following the creation of a business partnership, alliance or joint venture

Throughout the workbook you will find:

Key messages – describing patterns in the group
Recommendations – suggested ways to enhance group working and performance
Optional group exercise – questions or approaches to help the group to explore insights more deeply



Pivotal Relationship Report

The performance of a business is critically dependent on the performance of its pivotal relationships. This could be the relationship between the Chair and CEO, the CEO and CFO or other key relationships such as joint venture leads or key pairs within a team or organisation.

This unique report is designed to help develop the partnership so that there is a greater:

Understanding of different preferences and how best to complement one another
Openness to discuss how to work together optimally and avoid pitfalls and blind spots in the relationship

It is structured so as to build a picture of the Pivotal Relationship:

Starting with a high level profile of each individual, highlighting their distinctive characteristics and preferences (more detailed descriptions are contained within each person’s Individual prophet Profile)
Then examining the paired relationship, identifying any common ground or complementary aspects of their preferred styles to help improve mutual understanding and collaboration



Strategy Insight Reports

prophet adds one short step into the process of business planning, in order to maximise the chances of successful strategy implementation.

prophet Strategy Insight is intended to support the executive team in unpacking the complex dynamics between a declared strategy and the profile of its people or key teams on which success depends. The leadership team are able to arrive at an accurate, sharp diagnosis about:

How the organisation is likely to respond to strategy implementation
The impact of the leader
The critical role of the executive
The impact of ‘tier 2’ – potential successors to the executive – and their role in taking the business forward
The impact of pivotal relationships – or key groups of people – on whom the business disproportionately depends

This highlights possible gaps that the business needs to fill, either through business process, people development or sourcing. This insight does not mean changing people nor the values of the company. It helps the executive and the leader understand what is required to enable and drive successful implementation of the strategy.

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