prophet Team Sessions

prophet team sessions help enhance senior team effectiveness.  They build relationships within the team and increase collaboration and motivation.

A typical session involves everyone receiving a debrief of their Individual prophet Profile as well as examining the team’s prophet Team Insight Report.  It is a highly engaging, business focused offsite which is delivered by one of our global network of accredited coaches.

When to run a prophet session:

• For new leaders

• Where a new strategy is required or a shift in performance

• For a restructured existing team, with changing responsibilities and relationship dynamics

• For teams that need to collaborate across areas

• For pairs of organisations following the creation of a business partnership, alliance or joint venture

Benefits of a prophet session:

• Raised awareness of the team’s preferences and potential blind spots to performance

• Enhanced understanding of how the team approaches the business context

• Stronger working relationships to execute the strategy

• Insight led actions to set up the success of the team

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